“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rose as well as being a client and friend.  She is a highly skilled professional resume writer and career coach whose attention  to detail and professionalism is unmatched.  Rose has always provided me with top quality resumes that have resulted in interviews and ultimately job offers.”  Mary Giuliani

My industry is customer service driven so I came into this process with high expectations and admittedly a bit of skepticism. Rosemarie’s focus, intelligence, and client sensitive attitude blew me out of the water. Not only was her finished product AMAZING, Rosemarie was extremely communicative throughout the entire process which was so important to me. When I e-mailed or called Rosemarie, I had a response from her within two hours. Rosemarie was very easy to work with. From the start she really took the time to get to know me, hear my career path, and understand what was important to me that be reflected through my resume.
Rosemarie’s ability to change my old resume destined for linear growth, into an explosive and eye catching document to job recruiters was absolutely amazing.

I am indebted to Rosemarie’s talents. We started working together in February. I submitted my resume to potential employers and by April landed three phone interviews. I am excited to say I had a new job offer in June and upon acceptance increased my salary 50%. This position is more than just a job; with Rosemarie’s help my new resume landed me in a management track that I had been working hard to crack into.

Rosemarie has become a confidant and friend. We communicate regularly and I would highly recommend her services. Sara B


The lady is an artiste! Not only for her technical expertise, command of the English language, and knowledge of market best practices, but more importantly for her consultative style in getting one to change some old paradigms and look at a resume and cover letter in a more enlightened manner.

I am extremely fortunate to have been paired with Rosemarie. Her efforts have infused me with additional confidence.

Sincere best regards, Anthony Traglio

Thank you for all your help on my resume. I like the new one and have been using it. I am getting some good reviews and it focused on my recent past rather than telling the entire story of jumping between jobs.

Thanks again. -Frank

My dearest friend Rosemarie,

I read the cover letter and gave me gossebumps (awweee). You did a very good job. KUDOS for Rosemarie!!!!

I do not want to say goodbye to a remarkable person – – YOU.

I think the key things of having a successful written resume is the bond between the writer and the client. As a client, I can openly say what I want, and give feedback freely without insulting the writer. Sometimes people get frustrated — in my case, I had a great time! I learned many things from you – Rosemarie, and hoping someday when my son (his 21) and daughter (she is 25)are ready to go out and look for a job, you will still be there to write an exceptional resume for them.

You have my email address and I sure do have yours :-), in case you want to say hello.

Thanks for everything for now, I will keep in touch.

Sincerely, Marivic

Dear Rosemarie,

This is truly superb! Thanks so very much!!!!! With such cover letter i
think I should definitaly get my dream job:-)

Wish you all the best,

Kindest regards, Jyldyz


Wow you are good Rosemarie!! I am super impressed with my first read! I would even say that this exceeds my exspectations – Bravo! Ryan

Hi Rosemarie

I’m doing great!!! Thanks for asking.  Wanted to thank you so much for your help with everything.  I’m so excited about my resume and everything else. The resume, cover letter and thank you letter are all amazing!!! thanks again for everything and hope you are having a great day and have an amazing weekend!!!

Thank You!!! 🙂  Christopher

One Response to Testimonials

  1. Lucy says:

    Dear Rosemarie,
    Working with you has been an absolute wonderful. When I called in, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism that came with your service.
    I have reviewed your feedback and it is very helpful. I will let you know how things go.
    Thanks again !!!