Getting a Return on Investment from your Resume

You have decided to invest in yourself and your career with a professionally written resume.

The most important aspect of developing a strong marketing document, your resume, is your input and cooperation with the writer.

You know your level of success, qualifications, and the value you bring to an organization better than anyone. The problem is in communicating that value via a resume. That is likely the reason you have hired a professional writer. We are experts in our field as you are in yours.

We can only set you apart from all the other job contenders with your input. That being said, when your writer requests your input regarding detailed information, it is to your advantage to take the time to furnish this data.

Whether in the form of a questionnaire, email request, or consultation, take the time to complete / share these details. Remember, you are “investing” in yourself. Though it may seem daunting to you the end result will be well worth your time.

Some points to remember in working with your resume writer:

  • Know your trajectory or discuss with your writer what your career goal is if you are not certain.
  • Provide job postings of interest. This helps the writer identify industries of interest and the qualification / skills required to be considered for a position.
  • Stay engaged throughout the process. It is important that you are able to respond to your writer’s inquiries on a timely basis.
  • Trust your writer’s expertise. We know what hiring managers and HR personnel are looking for. Most of us have been in that seat or have been recruiters as well as writers. We are continually in contact with employment professionals to keep up with what is being looked for in resumes. Before you request content changes in the resume, get your resume out there. That is the only way you will know if it is effective. However, if you are targeting industries and positions you are not experienced in or have no knowledge of, you likely will not be considered.

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