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Wondering if your resume is effective?

Ask yourself the following questions:

• Does my resume clearly define my brand, experience and career trajectory?
• Is my resume compliant with the latest resume/recruitment scanning (ATS) technologies?
• Does the language and content of my resume reflect my level of professionalism?
• Are my key words/core competencies supported throughout my resume to clearly convey my expertise?
• Am I able to speak to the points in my resume without looking at it during the interview?
• Is my current resume producing any results?

An effective resume generates interview invites. These invites are based on a host of criteria: Qualifications; experience; work history; contributions to your current/former employers; and education. Knowing how to position your value is critical. This is achieved through:

• A title that clearly communicates your expertise and/or transferable skills if you are making a career transition
• Appropriate formatting (ATS* compatibility) to ensure that your resume gets noticed and not passed over because it does not parse through the scanning technologies.
• Professional language to present your skills, qualifications, and what you bring to the company.
• Quantifiable contributions, not a laundry list of duties and responsibilities.

Whether you are an executive pursuing a new opportunity, a promotion with your current employer, a complete career transition, or entering the job market right out of college, we will guide you every step of the way.

How it works:

The very first step in the process: A thorough, complementary consultation to identify your goals and most importantly, to ensure that we are a good fit to work with each other. This is a powerful exchange of information that gives us the opportunity to get to know each other.

We have found over the years that the best results come from a strong two-way working relationship built on mutual compatibility, our understanding of your needs, qualifications, and career goals and your confidence in our knowledge and ability to meet your requirements to achieve your goals.

The resume process:
We evaluate your current resume (unless of course, this is your first resume) and provide you with valuable feedback based on content, layout and compatibility with *Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

A mutually convenient time for a consult is scheduled. This is when we discuss your career goals and qualifications to best position you for the next move in your career. We talk about how you have progressed, skills, qualifications and credentials, any areas of concern such as career gaps, addressing issues tied to layoffs or discharge from a job, your salary needs/expectations, and any relevant changes or obstacles you may be facing.

This is a two-way exchange of information to ensure that your needs and goals are clearly defined by you and understood by the writer. The partnership approach is extremely important to enable your writer to write “in your voice”. Our conversations will include discussing your job search focus, options for conducting your job search, and a bonus 20 minute interview coaching session once the resume is completed.

*Applicant Tracking Systems are highly-sophisticated scanning technologies in place with most companies and recruiters. These technologies are ever-changing. A few pointers on what NOT to include in an ATS compatible resume:

• Don’t use headers and/or footers
• Don’t use fancy formatting: Graphics, pictures, tables, fields, text boxes, ornate bullets, shading, etc.
• Don’t use multiple/fancy fonts. Stick to basic fonts such as Ariel, Tahoma, Georgia, Courier and Lucinda.
• Don’t underline. Use the borders and shading features for that. Underlining can compromise readability of some lower case letters.

About Key Words:
Where it was once the norm to include a catalogue of key words for scanning and identifying viable candidates, it is now necessary that your “key words” are supported with facts/direct experience aligned with those words/phrases. These terms need to be included throughout your resume where applicable. We discuss this in-depth with you to ensure that you have a full understanding of the importance of this aspect of your resume.

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